Monday, July 9, 2012

Art Industrail

     this work is the one of my work that I almost love. I made between internship. it's make me know I love typography. I created the experiment layout which can relate another one to another one. and the pattern of this layout quite complex that why this work is the most that I love.

Form Follow Function

      For this work I made for 1 years ago since I'm internship. this about advertise for new stationary brand in Thailand. I think about copy in this ads which is "Form Follow Function" this  phase is a theory but it's can apply in this product so I use its to be copy text on this ads. and also layout of this ads. I arranged its by my self. I love this one. :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Human see, Human do

    I just try to post my final project from my school with I'm graduated. it's not my final outcome just a design journal. and just show some part of my work. I take long time to do this thing. I hope this work is a good starting point for me to do next work and this project give me many thing which I can apply to do the future work. :) and finally Layout is the most that I love to do.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

A project

   A project is about the combination course from artHouse in field of (Fashion design) and A plus in field of (English). in concept, DESIGN ENGLISH SPEAK FASHION. this project I made these video(director) for promoting these course. this work is a first time that I work with nice model 55 from Russia. alright, this project have 3 video promoting and 1 video documentary. let's see what I've done.

karl lagerfeld Version.

Anna Wintour Version 

Audrey Hepburn Version

and finally documentary for this project


Info graphic Course outline

      This info graphic I also made for Aplus-intered school. it's just suggestion and give information for viewer about course outline of this english school. for example picture before animated. 

   Actually I want to edit more about this video. for me it's many problem in this video however the below link is not the best one :(

A plus (a lovely school)

    Me and friend have a chance to making a video promoting for A plus school (Amarin Tower 8th floor). we making around 3 or 4 clip for that but I don't sure how many video we made. by the way firstly I made a mood and tone board in field pastel tone for support with interior of this school. see how I made

            Here all some of screenshot for first video that I made for Aplus-intered school

          don't miss to watch this video and also somebody need to learn english don't forget A-plus-intered school. it's a best choice for everyone. cheers!

    next video is about video for promoting course which is SAT and MATH by 2 teachers who is expert in English and Math. let's see Who're they ?

      video above is suggest about 2 teachers in SAT course from Aplus-intered school. :) 


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Billabong 2012

       I have a chance from P'Mhai Oishi to go to Billabong at central world to paint this line in the shop just one day before working at real place I try to be represent picture from meaning
surf snow skate wake those are for x-tream sports that Billabong support.

I dont know what I want to say. just visit these work piece on Bilabong Central world. Thanks Joy Bouch Bow for supporting. :) 


      just made for my lady boy friend who is the best beautiful lady boy in the world. Actually it's finished and party pass so long time. around 1 month I just uploaded on my blog remind remind remind I just remind 555.



Quote of the day : thesis so boring 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

my mood and tone

I just make a new site for collected my inspired, my style, my mood, my tone. let's check its out on now available.

about flood situation in Thailand it's made everything postpone including my last semester So my graduate day also postpone. boring. my thesis still work like a worm nothing develop. my adviser can kill me all the time. that's all have a nice everyday :)